Warehouse Safety Solutions


NSK Solutions – warehouse safety and traffic management systems
NSK Solutions provides a range of highly visible safety management systems to ensure that employers are fully compliant with Work Safe standards.
We specify, design, install and maintain effective safety barrier systems to prevent accidents in the workplace. We offer a variety of warehouse safety barriers as well as our early warning / alert system where a pedestrian gate magnetically locks when a forklift approaches or sets off flashing warning lights in the crossing area. We offer a full range of guard rail systems in various heights and lengths to accommodate all traffic management situations. We also install and maintain:

  • Bollards
  • Guardrails, hand rails, protection barriers and walkway fencing
  • Boom gates
  • Safety line marking
  • Safety signage
  • Flashing warning lights
  • Fire systems
  • Alarm systems

NSK’s installation of safety barriers, railings , gates and bollards can be used to create safe and effective traffic management systems which prevent pedestrian and moving vehicle accidents, as well as to safeguard expensive plant and equipment. Our system of safety barriers will:

  • Help prevent personal injury
  • Minimise lost time man hours
  • Avoid return to work program costs for injured workers
  • Decrease insurance premiums
  • Reduce interruptions to warehouse productivity and efficiency
  • Avoid additional expense to replace damaged equipment
  • Add to bottom line profitability by reducing costs associated with work place accidents

As part of our warehousing and logistics refurbishment services, NSK Solutions specializes in installing the full range of the FAAC range of products including:

  • Gates
  • Bollards
  • Turnstiles and other magnetic close products
  • Vehicle barriers
  • Rolling shutters
  • Automation for gates, pedestrian gates, garage doors and industrial doors
  • Control boards & accessories / access control
  • Parking management systems

Let our dedicated and experienced team at NSK Solutions take care of all your warehouse safety barriers. We specify, design, install and maintain the best solutions for your warehouse needs.
Please contact us on 1800 111 675 to see how we can make your warehouse safer today.