Switchboard Upgrades Commercial and Industrial


NSK Solutions has certified electricians that specialize in commercial switchboard upgrades.

To ensure your switchboard meets all the needs of your current business as well as any future demands,  our experienced commercial electricians can advise on the most suitable upgrade to cope with your requirements.

We provide switchboard installation, support and maintenance services to handle the demands of both single phase and three phase power units for both commercial and industrial applications to main switchboards, distribution switchboards and electrical distribution switchboard.

Services we provide for commercial switchboard upgrades:

  • Main and bypass circuit breakers
  • Separate meters
  • Surge protection
  • Emergency power off switch
  • Phase failure monitoring
  • RCD
  • PLC installation and programming
  • Refit and upgrade of existing installations, local and remote

Let our dedicated and experienced team at NSK Solutions take care of all your commercial and industrial switchboard upgrade needs.

We specify, design, install and maintain the best solutions for your particular requirements.

Please contact us on 1800 111 675 today.