End of Lease / Make Good

NSK make good services

Have you been asked by your landlord to provide an END OF LEASE MAKE GOOD your existing office fitout.

At NSK Solutions, we handle the complete process of decommissioning or making good (end of lease make good) your existing premises.

This make good service is carried out as follows:

  • Removal and relocation of existing office furniture and files
  • Removal of existing fitout
  • Rectify base building walls and ceilings
  • Reconfigure electrical, fire and mechanical services to original design before the fitout
  • Repaint existing walls in the colour prior to the fitout
  • Detailed cleaning of entire project upon completion
  • Handover the completed decommissioned fitout satisfying the make good clause in your contract.

Let our dedicated and experienced team at NSK Solutions take care of all your end of lease make good needs.

We specify, design, install and maintain the best solutions for your particular requirements.

Please contact us on 1800 111 675 today.